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What is it? Euromoney launched The Inclusivity Agenda to encourage diverse and inclusive participation in high profile speaking engagements and contribution to our event content.


Our agenda? To provide a platform for banking and financing leaders to have open conversations and drive change towards diversity, equality and inclusion within the sector. We want to inspire action and the implementation of policies that will foster an industry with exciting, equal and inclusive opportunities for all.


How? Euromoney has held events for almost 50 years in over 60 countries attracting the most senior figures from business, finance and government. We can reach thousands of capital markets and investment professionals through our partnership with our key stakeholders, sponsors, and delegates. Euromoney is committed to using its networks to help source diverse speakers at our events.

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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022, we’re delighted to share with you a selection of some of the incredible and influential female speakers we’ve had on Euromoney LiveStream and at our events over the past two years. 

We’ve also asked a few previous speakers to share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges they’ve encountered throughout their careers, and on what still needs to be done to #BreakTheBias in their respective fields.


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A week before The Global Borrowers & Bond Investors Forum took place, we held a series of interviews and discussions with leading influencers to discuss diversity and inclusion in the financial sector. Explore the collection below:

Keynote Interview: Anita Angelovska Bezhoska, Governor, National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

Is it time central banks improve gender diversity? Morgan Davis, Deputy Editor of GlobalCapital Asia and Asiamoney spoke with Anita Angelovska Bezhoska, Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia, to discover how gender diversity can improve the overall effectiveness of the central bank. Antia also discussed financial inclusion and policies the National Bank of North Macedonia has implemented to help support female employees.

Panel: Inclusivity Alpha – can diversity drive returns? 

Does diversity generate better returns? Our expert panel tackles this critical question and discuss how diversity can be measured and understood in governance metrics, what good governance looks like, and whether working from home can help inclusion.

Moderated by Morgan Davis, Deputy Editor of GlobalCapital Asia and Asiamoney, the session features speakers including: Henriette Kolb, Head, Gender and Economic Inclusion Group at the International Finance Corporation (IFC); Georgina Philippou, Senior Adviser at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); Barbara Rambousek, Director General for Gender and Economic Inclusion at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD); Heike Reichelt, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainable Finance at the World Bank, and Anne Simpson, Managing Investment Director, Board Governance and Sustainability, CalPERS.

Keynote Interview: Joe Keefe, President, Impax Asset Management LLC

In this exclusive interview, Joe Keefe, President of Impax Asset Management LLC, speaks to Richard Kemmish, Editorial Consultant at Euromoney and GlobalCapital Events, about the role asset managers, can play in transitioning to a more sustainable economy. Joe also speaks about the change in the way businesses look at climate issues because of the pandemic and how gender metrics can be applied to investments.

Case studies: Diversity and inclusion in asset management and banking 

How can asset managers and banks be more diverse? What are the measuring and reporting challenges? Has working from home helped or hindered levels of diversity in the workforce? Our expert panellists tackle these important questions as well as, the importance of diversity and inclusion as a broader ESG variable.

Moderated by Richard Kemmish, Editorial Consultant, Euromoney and GlobalCapital Events, the session features speakers including: Mandy DeFilippo, Managing Director, Fixed Income Division at Morgan Stanley; Mark Freed, Chief Executive Officer at E2W and Melda Mergen, Deputy Global Head of Equities, Co-chair of North America Diversity and Inclusion Group at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

The Global Borrowers & Bond Investors Forum welcomed debt issuers, investors, investment bankers, rating agencies, government agencies, and financial services providers from over 60 countries. Here is a selection of keynote sessions with leading female influencers: 

Keynote Interview: Blythe Masters, Industry Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Motive Capital Corp 

Euromoney Conferences’ Victoria Behn, interviews Blythe Masters, Industry Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Motive Capital Corp at the Global Borrowers and Bond Investors Forum on credit default swaps, the exciting prospects for the role of Blockchain and its application to the infrastructure of the financial services sector, as well as her perspective on the best tools to promote gender diversity within the workplace.

Keynote presentation: Lindsey Schafferer, Advisory Lead, Center for Climate-Aligned Finance 

In this keynote presentation, Lindsey Schafferer, Advisory Lead at the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance, shares perspectives on the financial sector’s climate journey and highlights how financial institutions, specifically institutional investors, are beginning to align themselves with Paris climate goals by taking a proactive role in influencing the real economy towards net zero emissions.

Keynote Interview: Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, founder and Executive Chair, Snoop

In this exclusive interview, Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Founder and Executive Chair of Snoop, speaks to Victoria Behn, Euromoney and GlobalCapital Events’ Commercial Director and Director of Euromoney LiveStream, about her past experiences at Virgin Money and RBS. Dame Jayne-Anne also talks about how Snoop differentiates itself from other money-saving apps available and how it ensures diversity and inclusion.

Keynote Interview: Lori Heinel, Global Chief Investment Officer, State Street Global Advisors 

In this exclusive interview, Lori Heinel, Global Chief Investment Officer at State Street Global Advisors speaks to Richard Kemmish, Editorial Consultant for Euromoney and GlobalCapital Events about some of the hot topics in the asset management industry. These include the rapid growth of ESG investing, inflation risk and its influence on asset allocations, as well as the future structure of the asset management industry, disruption, gold and bitcoin.

Euromoney’s Finance is Female virtual event series brought together influencers from the global banking industry who are setting the agenda to tackle gender diversity challenges. Here is a selection of the fantastic sessions we’ve had over the course of the last year:

Gender balance in a post-COVID world

The financial sector has made great strides in driving diversity, equality and inclusion, but gender balance, particularly at the top, remains a sticking point. Can the Covid-19 provide the financial sector with the opportunity to reshape its culture for the better? 

Moderated by Euromoney magazine’s Sustainable Finance Editor, Helen Avery, our special guest speakers include Amanda Pullinger, CEO, 100 Women in Finance, Mark Freed, CEO, E2W, and Mandy DeFilippo, Managing Director and Global Head of Risk Management for Fixed Income & Commodities, Morgan Stanley.

Diversity and Inclusion in the financial sector – the time for change?

Covid-19 and the new work-from-home environment has afforded a greater conversation about gender imbalance, while the global protests against racism have shone a brighter spotlight on racial inequity. Euromoney asks the C-suite and D&I leaders within the financial sector how their firms are examining their diversity and inclusion policies, practices and programs for greater impact and systemic change?

Moderated by Euromoney's ESG Contributing Editor, Helen Avery, our special guest speakers include Nandita Bakhshi, President & CEO at Bank of the West, BNP Paribas, Adebola Osakwe, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity at KKR, and Brandee McHale, Head of Community Investing and Development at Citi.

BoardEx Interview: Improving gender diversity on boards around the world

In this interview, our speakers discuss what functions women are filling at the executive level, the gaps in gender diversity across sectors and jurisdictions, and what progress is needed in board-level representation. The speakers also discussed the increasing focus on racial and ethnic diversity in board and leadership roles.

Cameron Ireland, Chief Executive Officer, Board Ex and Dominick Sutton, Chief Data Officer, Board Ex 

Spotlight Series: Why banks need more women in leadership roles


Diony Lebot, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Societe Generale 

Spotlight Series: How to achieve your boardroom aspirations


Fiona Hathorn, Chief Executive Officer, Women On Boards, UK

Spotlight Series: Why we need a new working model for a post-covid world

Luisa Gomez Bravo, Global Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, BBVA

Spotlight series: How banks can better serve female customers

Olga Miler, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SmartPurse