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4%. Again?

17 May 2019 | Richard Kemmish

Ahead of the Asian covered bond conference earlier this year I wrote a couple of pieces on Singapore’s 4% cap on covered bond issuance. Do the same factors apply to Canada’s 4% limit?

Always waiting

14 May 2019 | Richard Kemmish

Optimists have been predicting growth in the dollar covered bond market for years. Why have they been so consistently wrong? And what will make them right?

Canadian pools

09 May 2019 | Richard Kemmish

The only problem with Canadian covered bond issuers is that there aren’t enough of them. Can pooling structures increase the universe of potential issuers?

The devil is in the cliché (4): Extension triggers

15 May 2019 | Richard Kemmish

The covered bond directive has a surprisingly large number of paragraphs that make normal people question the intent. The definition of the conditions to trigger an extendable maturity are clearly a political compromise. That’s the wrong starting point.

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