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Mortgage agencies – complements or alternatives?

05 March 2019 | Richard Kemmish

IMany Asian countries have developed national mortgage agencies to facilitate home loans. Despite many initially looking to the US for inspiration they are surprisingly diverse.

After 4%: what should replace it?

01 March 2019 | Richard Kemmish

Ahead of the Asian covered bond forum, a couple of pieces on this limit. Secondly, if 4% is to be dropped, what next?

After 4%: when is it right to change issuance limits?

27 February 2019 | Richard Kemmish

One of the features holding back the Singaporean covered bond market’s development is a prudent one – a limit on covered bonds at 4% of an issuer’s balance sheet.

Being sociable

27 February 2019 | Richard Kemmish

The growth of green covered bonds, though laudable, has overshadowed the potential for other types of socially responsible securities. I think we need more of a debate about this.

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