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How good are SME loans?

16 October 2018 | Richard Kemmish

One of the main objections to European Secured Notes is that one of the proposed asset classes that could back them - loans to Small and Medium sized enterprises just aren't as good as residential mortgages.

How to save the world: 2 leverage green investment

12 October 2018 | Richard Kemmish

Making houses in Spain more energy efficient or installing solar panels in Wales are both worthy green bond projects. But they don't generate as much benefit as some projects that are more difficult to invest in.

How to save the world: 1 measure it

10 October 2018 | Richard Kemmish

Green covered bonds are good as far as they go, but the ones that exist at the moment don't disclose enough information on which to make rational decisions and generate meaningful liquidity.

Happy Days?

04 October 2018 | Richard Kemmish

According to an EBA survey banks will be issuing a load more bonds over the next couple of years. How likely is that?

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