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What is a structured bond worth?

12 December 2019 | Richard Kemmish

In my previous post I asked what a structured covered bond actually is. But how should it be valued?

What is a structured covered bond?

05 December 2019 | Richard Kemmish

A couple of deals recently have been described as structured covered bonds - usually in a mildly pejorative way. The phrase 'structured covered bond' has come and gone over the last twenty years. what does it even mean?

Does Libor matter for covered bonds?

28 November 2019 | Richard Kemmish

The demise of the Libor benchmarks has many implications and challenges, from IT systems to brand awareness, from legal questions to mathematical ones. The covered bond market so far has comparatively been in denial of the problem. Justifiably?

Here we go again.


21 November 2019 | Richard Kemmish

The fourth instalment of the ECB's covered bond purchase programme has the potential to inflict lasting damage on the covered bond market, its modalities and implications need even closer scrutiny. But then we said that last time, too. 

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